Shopify SEO

When it comes to an online business, whether you’re selling through e-commerce only or in addition to retail locations, maintaining an organic and legitimate online presence becomes vital if you want to see even respectable profits.

In e-commerce, the best way for people to find your store is to use a search engine, but there’s so much competition in the market that you need to work really hard to ensure your Shopify store ranks higher on search engine results than your competitors.

The only true way to attain this ranking is to focus on your Shopify store page’s SEO or Search Engine Optimization. At Wonify, our Shopify SEO services will set you apart from the competition in more ways than one.

Wonify has extensive experience when it comes to Shopify marketing and SEO, and each and every Shopify SEO expert on our team has worked closely with Shopify and is able to gauge what factors to implement so as to increase your store’s visibility.

This focused experience of our team also allows them to make customizations to the SEO so as to ensure your store is visible and ranks high on multiple search engines simultaneously.

In fact, we use industry-standard analytics to compile data and build a tailor-made SEO campaign for your Shopify store. To give you more information on our Shopify SEO services, our approach is growth-based, looking not only to boost online conversions and increase foot traffic but also to preserve the brand that you are trying to create with your Shopify store.

Our team will sit down with you first to understand the business thoroughly and will then go on to carry out extensive market research. They’ll also be analyzing your top-ranked competitors to assess what measures they have in place with their SEO and how you can top them by implementing even more refined measures.

You could choose to go the independent route and handle your store’s SEO yourself, but SEO optimization for Shopify can be tricky. For example, a lot of people know that keywords make a very big difference on a site’s SEO, but most people tend to overdo it and will just dump any and all relevant keywords on their site.

This doesn’t help anybody and, in fact, search engine algorithms will push your site’s ranking even lower if you needlessly dump keywords everywhere.



When it comes to the background workings of your page’s SEO, our team aims to implement links and channels that are reliable and would generate the right buzz for your page. As far as the page itself is concerned, we carry out continued analysis of your store’s on-page elements which allows us to keep improving user experience.

If users are happy with your on-page elements, then they’ll spend more time on your store’s page giving you an opportunity to make more sales and keep site traffic healthy.

Our SEO and page development is also such that it will drive reviews, which search engine algorithms like and pick up on when they’re choosing what pages to display in search results.  

Moreover, we can create content for your page, and products, that is original and organic, further improving your SEO ranking on search engines. You can’t deny SEO is an important element when it comes to e-commerce and having a dedicated resource working on it will make all the difference in the world when it comes to your profits.

Hiring an agency like Wonify can take that burden off you and our team of experts will ensure the job is being done the right way and in accordance with industry standards. We will keep up with changing SEO requirements and ensure they are implemented in a timely fashion so as to not compromise your search engine ranking.

Detailed reports will allow you to see just how much your investment in our services in paying off and you can make an informed decision if the cost is worth it and if you would want to continue with our services.

At the end of the day, our goal is to maximize your Shopify store’s profits and maintain healthy brand awareness among users. And we’re not just a Shopify SEO Company ! In fact, we deal with all forms of online marketing and can carry out full marketing campaigns for your Shopify store.