At Wonify, our focus is always on the growth of our clients’ businesses and we bring that same focus to each and every one of our services, especially Shopify marketing . And when we say growth, we’re not just talking about a return on your investment, but also the development of your brand and ensuring a continued organic online presence. Our marketing campaigns will take into account that we need to deliver a return on the investment in your store’s digital marketing and ensure your presence is always up-to-date on the SEO end of things. It’s natural if you have concerns about hiring a digital marketing agency for Shopify , but before you consider one, think about the competition among Shopify stores at the moment.

In fact, if we look at cold hard facts, you’ll begin to realize just how important it is to have a dedicated resource looking over your online store’s marketing. Almost 15% of sales around the world are via e-commerce and 75% of consumers prefer to buy online. Then if we come to the marketing element, surveys show that 60% of consumers respond to marketing promotions. Considering how large your potential customer base is and how responsive they are to online marketing, it’s vital that you focus on this element. Moreover, the entire e-commerce industry is in constant competition, with online stores finding unbelievable success in a short span of time, only for them to fall again just as fast.

Shopify stores that have managed to stay profitable for long periods of time tend to do so because they have professionals dealing with all fronts. You’ll find either a dedicated employee who watches over the store’s marketing or that element would have been outsourced to a digital marketing agency.

While we can’t speak for others, we can assure you that Wonify implements marketing strategies that will ensure your store’s continued growth and profits. At Wonify, we have some of the best Shopify SEO experts in the industry. 

SEO will have a massive impact on your online store’s user traffic, driving it up overnight even if you have the right team managing your Shopify store’s SEO. SEO requirements are constantly changing and you need to keep up-to-date if you want your store to continue being profitable. Laymen are usually not equipped for this and a digital marketing agency becomes necessary at one point or another for continued profitability.

At Wonify, SEO is our bread and butter, and staying up-to-date with changing SEO requirements is just a part of the job. We can ensure that your store continues to be profitable by keeping all your SEO elements optimized at all times. 


While SEO is the most ROI-effective method of online marketing, it is not the only marketing strategy that we implement. We’ve also found considerable success for our clients by running Shopify Facebook ads and other social media campaigns.

Social media platforms like Facebook allow businesses to engage with customers on a more personal level and you’re able to target customers in your area with more efficiency. This personalized approach allows you not only to increase profits but also to build brand awareness by engaging directly with customers regarding their wants and needs and creating more leads in the process.

Finally, we have the Shopify email marketing strategy, whereby we share articles, blog posts, and other content to potential customers directly to their email. We ensure all of our leads are ethically sourced and share content that is organic as well as original. Using rehashed content will only compromise your store’s brand and that goes against Wonify’s entire mission statement. The content that we create for you will be tailor-made and will truly set you apart from the rest of the competition. As you can see, we bring a lot to the table when it comes to marketing your online store. We are confident in saying that we are the best digital marketing agency for Shopify not only because of the results we’ve achieved but also in the approach we take.


As we mentioned above, we are growth-driven and we rely on hard data in the development of all of our marketing strategies.

With SEO (or Search Engine Optimization), you could have your store at the top of search results on different search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO tends to be very ROI-effective, as it connects search engine users directly to your products, provided it is relevant to their search query. “Relevant” has a very different meaning in SEO terms. You don’t just need to make sure that your store has the same keywords in the title like the ones being searched by the user. You have to ensure that, in addition to having an organic and legitimate keyword presence, your Shopify store’s page meets all other SEO requirements that search engine algorithms have in place.

Industry-standard analytics are implemented at all times to ensure we have accurate and complete data to rely on in our work. Moreover, we’re very transparent in our reporting and will provide you with detailed reports on how our marketing strategies are working for your store’s profitability. Such reporting also lets us tweak the strategies we have in place to further increase your store’s profits. These detailed reports will also let you know whether the services we offer are worth your investment, allowing you to make informed decisions about your business