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The Brief

XITE are disrupting the energy drinks market with a healthy energy alternative that packs all the punch from green coffee beans, nootropics and a vitamin blend whilst not compromising on taste or performance. XITE required a refreshed brand identity and packaging design to offer a healthier look and feel. In addition, XITE required a new website that would deliver the brand and promote sales. We worked with XITE energy every step of the way from a softer brand identity and an e-commerce website built to deliver.


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Bespoke Shopify Website

We built XITE’s bespoke Shopify website from the ground up, incorporating brand voice whilst creating a user journey that promotes sales & recurring revenue with intelligent upselling and subscription payments. Conducting an in-depth review of their current website allowed us to gain a thorough understanding of their business and design identity. Utilising the Shopify platform, we designed and developed XITE a bespoke theme website to allow limitless potential over web design and functionality. Our goal was to create web designs that drip feed brand identity whilst delivering a regular and easy-to-use purchase flow. Every element on the website design has been crafted from scratch to embody the XITE identity to allow users to identify strong brand consistency throughout. We considered performance and sales at every step of our design process. The website is equiped with advanced content management allowing XITE to update and change nearly every element on their website to give the brand the freedom to develop their digital online presence as their offline brand does too. Visit thevlogpocket.com

Intelligent Upselling & Subscription Payments

Every e-commerce website store owner’s goal is usually to maximise sales and average order value. Whilst maintaining strong brand consistency and tone of voice on the website, we worked extensively with XITE energy to create a sales experience with intelligent prompts and upsell opportunities at every level of a visitors checkout journey. We incorporated subscription functionality to allow visitors to receive their products every month, promoting recurring revenue for XITE. We didn’t stop there, we allowed the brand to incentivise sales with products automatically added to cart when specific criteria is met and even allowed t-shirt size choosing when the free product is redeemed. Once a user has added an item to their cart, they’ll see intelligent prompts on discounts they can receive if they increase the quantity further. Also an eye-catching progress bar that promotes visitors to spend more to achieve free delivery. Finally, visitors will receive intelligent product suggestions based on what’s already in the cart which utilises previous purchase data. XITE’s e-commerce experience is built to perform and maximise sales.

Brand Development

XITE’s key brief was to refresh their brand to promote a healthy not boring persona. Working along XITE’s graphic designer, Jonathan Painter, we developed their current designs with softer, rounded and brighter design. A fun and playful tone of voice has been adopted to speak directly to the consumer. We then adopted their new found identity and crafted a consist website look and feel. We are proud to see XITE energy cans in leading UK retailers.

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 James Gonzalos– ceo at VlogPocket

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