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Gone are the days when simply writing the benefits and main features of your products was enough for your product descriptions. Now more than ever, you need a proper product description strategy to create engaging PD’s that convert and get you real results.

Each customer has a tone, a voice, a certain way they search for products online. If you don’t know those keywords and do not incorporate this tonality into your SEO strategy, then you are most likely losing out on massive sales.

7 Day Dropshipping Course

7 Day Dropshipping Course

A simple way to get started is to reverse engineer the process. Start by doing keyword research and find out what your customers are typing into Search engines that is relevant to your products, and work your way back from there.

Let’s give you some solid advice to create highly engaging product descriptions!

How to make your products ‘searchable’ with SEO product descriptions?

Here’s your guide to getting started with product description for SEO.

Write for real people!

Many people make the mistake of writing strictly for SEO and forgetting about the actual consumer. Remember, the bots and crawlers aren’t your buyers, real people are. Optimize your product descriptions keeping in mind how people are searching and what they want to know about your product?

The main goal of your product description is to answer all your shoppers questions and motivate him to purchase. Use a good keyword tool to identify the most searched keywords online as well as the competition around them.

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Focus on the Customer! What’s in it for them?

Focus on ‘what’s in it for them’ instead of putting the spotlight on features. Product features focus on the product, where as the benefits focus on the customer.

Based on what you’re selling, of course the specs and technicalities also need to be mentioned but only feature based product descriptions are impersonal and aren’t motivating.

The only additional tip here is to incorporate the keywords in it without making the copy boring and without compromising the human factor.

Get the product description length right

How short is too short? And, how long is too long? Truth be told, there is no standard length. This hugely depends on the platform you are using to sell and also the niche that you’re working in.

Over time, when people ask questions, this allows you add to add and edit content in your descriptions to include these answers. Let your audience decide what’s the optimum word count but in general, avoid lengthy copy.

Understand and define your target audience

By having a deep understanding of your target audience will help you choose the right words and resonating with them through your content will help you increase conversions. You have to know which stage of brand awareness and relationship they are at. There are products that have a mass appeal and then there are niches and sub-categories of niches.

The more specific you go, the more defined your values and culture becomes. For example, if you are speaking to an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious crowd, then you must incorporate this in your SEO descriptions for your dropshipping products. By using these keywords distinctively in your product descriptions increases the chances of getting clicked in search results.

Stay away from Templates

Using standardized and template descriptions is boring and makes your ads monotonous. The goal is to write copy that reflects your brand and conveys the uniqueness. Typical manufacture descriptions are not only already present on internet, they can also be considered duplicated content by google, hence avoid manufacturer descriptions and craft new ones.

Research and hammer home your keywords

So, how do you find the right keywords, and how do you use them strategically?

It’s all about narrowing down to the right phrase, and it all starts with a solid keyword tool. SEMrush is a great option, as is KWFinder or Moz Keyword Explorer. These tools let you research specific keywords and give you valuable data about factors like:

The right keywords will almost always fall into that last category known as longtail keywords. Why? Because the longer the search query the higher a buyer’s intent of purchase. As Yoast found, you should use this type because they have a higher conversion value – they lead to more sales.

SEO Descriptions for your dropshipping products


One of the most overlooked aspect of product descriptions is the formatting. You need to ensure that the content is neatly formatted, in short paragraphs and uses bold, italics and bullet points appropriately.

Clearly identified headlines and sections help the user get the desired information and read it through without breaking the flow and without appearing too lengthy and boring.

Here’s a reference image to see how even detailed product descriptions can be neatly craft by using proper formatting.

Additional tips:

·      Use keywords in ALT text. Tag all images with keywords that you are wish to rank for.

·      Optimize for Voice Search. The use of Voice command is increasingly popular specially for web searching.

Closing Comments

Although optimizing meta descriptions and product title for SEO is vital, crafting a product description that appeals to your audience as well as the search engines is as much an art as it is a science.

If you’re just starting out, writing SEO product descriptions may look challenging in the beginning, but with practice and proper knowledge, you’ll get better. With every new SEO rich product description, you write, and eventually this will become natural.

Always strive to understand your audience better. Have an in-depth understanding as well as a firm grip on your keywords and use this to full advantage when crafting SEO product descriptions. Use these tips and advice to make reach new customers and increase brand awareness.